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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  November 20, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. lightning, heavy downpours, even some snow heading for the bay area right now. some say it could lead to another gas pipeline disaster. what pg&e is considering in san bruno now that the weather is getting colder. >> reaching out to families of servicemen and women missing in action. how the government is bringing home long lost heroes and bringing closure to bay area military families. good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. a bit of a break from the rain earlier today for much of the bay area but part 2 of this winter storm is here right now. expect temperatures to drop and winds to kick up. there is even thunder and lightning in some parts of the
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bay area. meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking the coldest part of the storm sweeping through the bay area. >> it's that cold part of the storm that makes the atmosphere unstable. lightning strikes over the bay and along the peninsula and there's more to come, folks. so don't be surprised if you do see that flash of lightning and that rumble of thunder in the next couple of hours. this system just moving on through right now. hi-def doppler picking up on it nicely. pretty good squall line making its way right down through the bay area taking in for a closer look now and you can see that line where we are seeing some of those lightning strikes. you see those spots here? those are some of the lightning strikes that are popping up. along with the system as it's moving through, folks, this is sliding to the south and the east. so yeah, maybe more of those thunderstorms moving over towards the east bay as we head in toward the next couple of hours and it looks like that will continue to bring with it pockets of moderate to heavy rain and we could even see some snow in the bay area. we'll talk about that and tell you where coming up. >> thank you. now that it is getting colder, pg&e is considering a
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move that critics fear will pave the way for another pipeline disaster. the utility might raise pressure in two natural gas pipeline next to one that exploded in san bruno in september. investigators said that there was a surge in pressure shortly before that blast. pg&e dropped the pressure in those other two lines but now in order to meet winter gas demands, the utility is considering raising the pressure again but only if it gets cold enough. after all the complaints about smartmeter, pg&e says it may compromise. the meters use wireless signals. pg&e says they are safer but some worry it will affect their health. pg&e says, we are asking if there is a way to find a compromise solution that the customers can live with and we can live w the ceo says pg&e will make this information public in the coming months. anker tire apartment
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building is unlivable tonight after fire tore through it early today. the fire broke out just after 3:00 this morning in san mateo along north bayshore boulevard. when firefighters got there they saw fire and smoke shooting from the second floor. they helped everyone get out safely and got the fire out within half hour but no one was injured. 18 people are displaced. damage is estimated at $750,000. the causing of the fire is not yet known. they never had a chance to say good-bye, but prisoners of war who went missing in action are not forgotten that's a message for their loved ones in the bay area today. many are still searching for answers. anne makovec shows us how the military is helping them cope. >> very hopeful. >> reporter: in this envelope, a letter from a long lost love that could provide the closure that margaret blevins has waited more than six decades to find. >> this was the last picture he
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received. he received before he got captured december 1st. >> reporter: who is that? >> that's me and his daughter. >> reporter: the daughter she conceived with her american fiancee duane just before left his german post for korea. they wrote letters and then she heard he was a prisoner of war. >> awful. terrified. terrified. and always went to the forest with a stroller and cried in there. >> reporter: time went on without word. >> when you work and build your family, he was never out of my mind. >> reporter: margaret's first daughter had a son chris and just last week he contacted the department of justice and found out about their monthly meetings held in different cities around the country part of a program the military started in 1995 to reach out to the families of p.o.w. mia servicemembers. some 88,000 families. the program put chris in contact with his grandfather's sister who lives in new york.
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>> to tell who i am, and to learn about my grandfather was amazing. >> reporter: back to those letters. they are now being tested for duane's dna. margaret's was taken since she had been handling them all these years. chris' dna was also swabbed since he is the soldier's relative. even if duane's remains are never found, margaret is glad for the memory. >> i miss him terribly. it was my young life -- as soon as this came up a reminder again, it reminds me of a lot of happy hours. i mean, happy times. >> reporter: in burlingame, anne makovec, cbs 5. oakland mayor ron dellums says he will finish his term. there was speculation he would leave early to take a lobbying job in washington, d.c. he owes $252,000 in back taxes and cannot accept outside work
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while in offers. mayor-elect jean quan today also denied any notion that dellums plans to leave early. >> the mayor's issued a statement. it's very clear he plans to complete his term. we are starting a series of meetings over the next few weeks so i don't think he is going anywhere. >> the rumors gained credibility when he cancelled his live state of the city address and posted it online instead. san francisco district attorney kamala harris seems headed for the victory in the state attorney general's race. harris has built up a lead in the latest tally. she leads los angeles district attorney steve cooley by about 43,000 votes. as of friday, 500,000 ballots still have to be counted. counties have until november 30th to count all the outstanding ballots and those are mostly mailed or provisional ballots. political observers say if she keeps that lead it's unlikely that cooley would ask for a recount.
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the pope owns the door to discussion of a previously taboo subject, condoms. what he says about their use that is contrary to catholic church teaching. the tsa under intense pressure to make sure no one with explosives lives through security. president obama responds to the uproar from airline passengers on new security patdowns and full-body scanners. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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condoms are okay... in certain cases. in a surprising about face, the pope says condoms are okay in certain cases. church teaching opposes condoms because they are artificial contraception. pope benedict xvi has blamed condoms for making the aids crisis worse but he says condemns may be justified for male prostitutes to reduce the spread of hiv. >> the pope's announcement that using one of these is okay and can prevent hiv will have massive implication globally. >> the world health organization estimate three million new hiv infections every year. it says this announcement could help prevent many of them.
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the pope stressed the church's teaching that the only sure way to prevent hiv is abstinence and fidelity. president obama doesn't have to go through airport security screenings. but today, he said he understands the concerns of passengers. passengers can go through a full-body scan or they can opt out and undergo a patdown instead. the president says terrorism has created this new reality especially after last year's christmas day bombing attempt. >> our tsa personnel are properly under enormous pressure to make sure that you don't have somebody slipping on a plane with some sort of explosive device on their persons. >> a metal detector did not catch the explosive device hidden in the suspect's it's underwear and that played a part coming up with the tighter security measures. the president has told the tsa to explore ways of screening passengers that are less
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intrusive. the latest harry potter movie performed magic at the box office on its opening day. >> "harry potter and the deathly hallows" part 1 took in more than $61 million domestically. if that continues to do that kind of business it could be the best opening weekend ever for the harry potter series. the latest film is based on j.k. rowling's final book and part 2 will be out in july. two feet of snow so far in the sierra, more on the way. next we'll go live to the mountains for the promise and the hope for resorts and skiers for the thanksgiving holiday weekend. >> we could see some rain and snow in our mountains, too, plus the lightning out there now and we'll talk about that when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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derek shore is live at blue the snow is coming down right now in the sierra. derek shore is live at blue canyon where traffic has been heavy all day. derek, how's it going now? >> reporter: well, traffic has been heavy but it's also been completely inundated with snow and that of course is the big problem out here. before i show you the actual temperature out here take a look at some of this fresh powder. it was kind of dusting earlier. that is not the case anymore. it is coming down pretty good out here. you can see this is all fresh powder. and so it is a very, very kind of rough situation over here on i-80. if i walk over here, you can see the lights are pretty much
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out on i-80. it's whited out -- i shouldn't say whited out but there is definitely snow on the interstate. this truck going by, you may be able to hear the chains. we are in an area where chains are required because up here, it is very, very thick. now, the one thing i was going to say and a lot of people are talking about, biggest snowstorm in the sierra in november in the past 6 years. so look at this weather warn thermometer. right about 29, 28 degrees. it goes up and down and the wind chill is just nasty out here, as well. not a lot of traffic tie-up. i talked to caltrans just a little bit ago and they are telling us that it is running pretty smoothly, maybe a few spinouts but nothing too serious at this point. now, of course, you're going to want to be careful if you are coming up here to the reno area or anywhere in the sierra and make sure you have your chains because you're not going any further without them.
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ann? >> so i'm looking at you. you have snow on your hair, it's on your jacket. how long have you been standing out there to have that kind of snow on you? >> reporter: i don't have you. >> he is having trouble hearing us. all right, well, thank you for showing us what it looks like at blue canyon, derek shore. lawrence and i were talking. he was mentioning that it's a cold snow. >> cold so you get that dry really powdery -- the skiers love that stuff. >> they are talking about the resorts, you know, having a great time this holiday. >> they have to be happy for the holidays. thanksgiving, you are going to have snow. and probably a couple more feet to come overnight in some spots. but hey, you know what? it is interesting enough here in the bay area. we have had some lightning strikes showing up outside. we have seen numerous strikes now making their way across the bay this evening and yes, that thunder continues to rumble outside and more on the way. pretty neat looking storm system on our high-def doppler radar. a lot of color out there right now and plenty of storms
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sliding through. let's take new for a closer look along the peninsula toward pacifica. the wave moved on by and one lightning strike here another one east and south san francisco, and more off the coastline so we are not done with the lightning just yet and this whole band this squall line continues to make its way through really right down the center of the peninsula now. more scattered showers and thunderstorms, heavy downpours associated with the system. as it moves by over the next hour or so, looks like the system will start to wind down a little bit after midnight. but between now and then i think things go pretty good. and then if we can see a little clearing with the skies we may watch the temperatures take a hit and dive and that means likely seeing snow over some of our mountaintops above about 2500 feet. all right. this storm system looking pretty impressive on satellite, too. really dropping down, nice comma shape as it makes its way into the bay area. it will rotate through. we can expect rain, thunderstorms throughout the night, some reports of hail, too. we could see more. gusty winds, you bet, under
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some of these thunderstorms. 20, 30, maybe 35 miles per hour. and snow? you bet. above 2500 feet. we could see more of the snowflakes there, too. rainfall, we are looking at about three-quarters to an inch and a quarter in part of the north bay. quarter to half inch in the east bay, the peninsula half to three-quarters inch. and maybe upwards of an inch of rain in the santa cruz mountains. temperatures chilly outside now. a lot of 40s out there at this hoyer uv hour 50s in the south bay. but you get the idea. we have cold weather and lots of stormy weather across the state again. high country you saw the pictures there already. winter storm warnings up. there be careful heading there. more snow on the way over the next few days. this storm system really diving in and bringing with it that cold air right from the continent back out in toward the bay area going to keep some unsettled weather in our skies that looks like for the foreseeable future as it looks like this will rotate on through and then there is more after that. keep things wet for tomorrow. and then probably into monday maybe even tuesday we'll see this linger through. the main system moving through
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tonight then becoming more scattered after midnight but you will see some isolated thunderstorms rotate through as well so keeping things unsettled and wet. temperatures for tomorrow mainly into the 50s and here we go, i think we see things part just a little bit by tomorrow afternoon. sneaking in some sunshine in between the clouds and that will allow things to try and dry out briefly but then we'll see more showers moving on by. more scattered showers into monday, slight chance of a leftover shower come tuesday morning. here's the great news. come wednesday and thursday, thanksgiving, looking pretty nice. if we have something to worry about on thanksgiving, it may be some fog from that leftover moisture from the storms. we'll have to wait and see. >> hopefully people can hit the roads later in the day. >> just not too much eggnog and you will be all right. all right. so now i'm all out of sort because what they are playing football in traditional baseball stadiums, we are just used to it here in the bay area but -- >> there is a game today at wrigley field, yankee stadium. why not? >> come on. >> why not play football in a
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baseball stadium? >> why not? i don't think they can play baseball in a football stadium. huge college football saturday today. does it get bigger than the cal and stanford game? only one team came to play. which team got the w? the answer coming up in sports. stanford and it's first ten win
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win season in 18- years, was their rivals from berkeley.. the bears... it's true... these two teams all that stood between stanford and cal and their first 10 win season in 1 years
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was their rival berkeley. that's right the bears. it's true. these two teams really don't like each other. paterson was ejected. throwing apunch in the scrum. you can't do that. he was out of there. 1st quarter stanford up 3-0 following a mansion interception. watch this. he delivers the hit right there and knocks him on his caboose. how many quarterbacks can deliver that kind of hit? not too many. unbelievable. strong guy. stefan taylor capped off the 95- yard drive with his first of three touchdowns to make it 10- 0 cardinal. stanford up 17-0 now. deep into double coverage. somehow doug baldwin comes down with it for a 47-yard gain.
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stanford would score on the first eight drives. another cardinal touchdown makes it 24-0. and it just kept getting worse for the bears. manson trying to make something happen instead michael thomas right here picks it off. another rough day for the cal quarterback who turned it over three times in the game. so with less than two minutes to go in the half, the cardinal offense comes back on the field and, they score again. baldwin with another fantastic catch. stanford led 45-0 before the bears got on the board. the axe is coming back to the barn as stanford blows out cal 48-14. 48 points tied for the most ever in the big game history. and one bright spot for cal, shane vereen went over 1,000 yards. but the bears had no answer for luck. he threw for 235 yards and two touchdowns. >> best player in the country. pinpoint accuracy. not just 40, 50 yards down the
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field. uses his legs. countless teams. had the big play to get it out of our own territory there. long drives, you know, 89 yards. 93 yards. he was aggressive. >> here we go, ann, listen to this. wrigley field hosted a college football game, the first in over 70 years today. there was a catch. only one end zone was in play for both offenses. the east end zone was too close to the right field wall making a safety issue. and because the ivory is just a little too close to the brick. however, the end zone was in play. if there was a chance for a defensive score, well, yeah, what do you know? northwestern's pearson runs into the end zone and, you know, somewhere harry caray is saying, look at them go! they have to go all the way down the other end of the end zone and line it up and boot it in any event that he was the
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wait it happened all game long. illinois ran for over 500 yards. jason ford scored three times. illinois wins 48-27 to become bowl eligible. well, what do you know. 5th-ranked lsu involved into another close game. they trailed ole miss with less than a minute to go. ridley shook free ford third touchdown for the game and the tigers win 43-36. their sixth win of the season by 7 points or less. san jose state knocked off oregon 75-72 in hoops, their first win since 1992 against a pac-10 team. 9ers trying to make it three straight wins tomorrow hosting tampa bay. troy smith starts at quarterback despite alex smith being cleared to play. he will be the backup. >> i felt i did well. the turnovers hurt me and the
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team. really felt in the last few weeks though i had done a good job with that and was moving in the right direction. but it's kind of -- doesn't matter at this point. i'm moving forward. you can't dwell on that stuff. so. ♪ [ music ] >> the raidas! >> our very own dana king. >> you can see it here on cbs 5 followed by the fifth quarter. big win for stanford. cal fans, story about that. stanford fans very happy. >> thank you, gary. it could become a controversial decision. coming up at 6:30, we'll hear from pg&e about the possibility of increasing pressure on some of the gas transmission pipelines in order to keep homes heated this winter. that story and more at 6:30. we'll see you in a half hour and at 10:00 and 11:00. until then, our news updates are on good night. caption colorado, l.l.c. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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